Picasso International Productions

Picasso International Productions (PIP) is a premier events choreography, production and management company. PIP is a one-stop event design production firm and the first stop for world standard event concepts, production and deployment.

PIP is well known as a world class event company, both locally and overseas and serve a wide range of international clients both locally in Singapore and overseas.

Picasso Tan, our director, was honoured to have spearheaded many national events in Singapore. His involvement includes the conceptualisation and choreography for Singapore’s National Day Parade in years 1994, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2010. The prestigious 1996 World Trade Organisation Ministerial Meeting’s closing ceremony was designed, curated and executed by Picasso, giving the international ministers and delegates a lasting memory of Singapore.

Picasso is bold, and his ideas are not just exceptional, they are visionary. He executed the world’s first Spiderman stunt scaling of the Singapore Changi Airport Control Tower, and as entertainment providers for APEC 2009 and the Opening & Closing Ceremony of the 2009 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held in Singapore, his concepts made the events truly one to marvel at and remember.

Our Founder

Picasso Tan

Founder, Asia Wushu Champion, Choreographer

Picasso Tan is the Wushu Champion of Asia, with multiple SEA Games Gold Medals. He is also the former captain of the Singapore Wushu Team and a Choreographer of international repute, Picasso executes all his events personally with innovative strategies, Creative planning and seamless execution harvest his vision of possibilities across many fields. His formula for a successful and smoothly run event: attention to detail, inventive style, and a hands-on approach, where all areas in any event are addressed.

Encompassing all aspects of special events, Picasso emphasises the importance of developing innovative ideas with a fresh perspective for each event.

“We aim to provide a unique total experience in every event, be it small or mega. Our expertise in concept and design reflects not only the latest trends, but also the client’s corporate identity and brand. These are the reasons for our long record of highly satisfied customers.”